"$10,000 in solar parts can generate over $80,000 in electricity
over a 30 year mortgage. Your solar system will last 45 years
or more, so you'll get all the investment back when you sell the house.
This means that all the electricity you made in 30 years was free!"
(plus- solar gives your home an huge sales advantage)


Course Information

Some of the Topics Covered:
How to estimate system size (energy budget)
How to determine the best panel array mounting place
How to fabricate metal and wood panel mounts
How to determine the sun's exact path across the sky
How to Use a Multi-meter to test Voltage / Current / Resistance
Basic Electronics theory including how to solder correctly
How to configure / design and assemble battery banks
How to design and wire panel arrays for optimum power efficiency
How to configure and install all types of Inverters and Charge Controllers
How to identify and receive every rebate and tax incentive available to you
How to determine wire gauges, make connections and use Circuit Breakers
You'll also build a system "with" Bob - and closely inspect several others
Plus there is a bonus chapter on how to cut 30% of your energy use right now.
And a Second bonus Chapter in V3 on how to make small Solar Powers Systems fast!

The course is information-dense and well organized with concepts presented from many different "angles". This way you'll fully understand the theory and real-world application of every idea presented. Bob walks you through the mental decisions involved with each step of the process - including how you will design your complete system.


Here is a video with some short excerpts from the course.



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