"Energy costs have typically risen faster than the general inflation
rate. Electricity is primarily generated with fossil-fuels in the
US. You permanently lock-in the cost of your electricity
when you own a solar power system. It's a secure feeling
to know you are not hostage to ever-increasing energy prices".


In this economy there is no place to invest money - that it actually makes any money.

Solar pays out at a hefty rate compared to any  typical investment.

A self-installed system can be expected to return 10%-15% a year -tax free. You also get a 30% federal tax credit upon install and a tremendous sales advantage when your eventually sell your home.


Solar Economics


"Can I afford Solar power?" - "I've heard it is really expensive"

This might have been true years ago, but not today. Consider this:

If you pay $150 a month for electricity now (typical 2200 sq ft. home)
and the prevailing energy inflation rate of 7% (last 30 years) continues
(and does not rise), you'll pay over $80,000 for electricity over the course of a 30 year mortgage. It's that compounding effect. I know my electric bill was about $25 in 1980. Your current 1000 Kilo-watt-hours / month usage would require a 6000 watt solar system to completely generate it all. Currently 6000 watt grid-tie package systems (all parts required) are running about $14,000. With a 30% federal tax rebate, you are under $10,000 net outlay. Off-grid systems require batteries. They require changing about every 10 years. With off-grid systems, you'll never be without power. Grid-Tie systems have to be automatically turned off by law during a general power outage - so you don't send power into the lines while they are working on them. You cannot install a grid-tie system yourself - and you'll still need a generator for back-up power.

It's very likely you also have state or local solar cash incentives. In some states, the rebates are huge. You could land up paying only 10% of the total system costs. Check www.dsireusa.org

A $10,000 Bank CD currently pays about $30 a year interest - minus taxes! A solar system would generate $1800 a year in electricity.

The golden lining is that solar is a capital improvement to your home. Whenever you sell your home, you will get ALL of your initial investment back - plus inflation. (systems last 40+ years) The power you generated- and all the money you saved- will have been cost-free. If you had been lucky enough to invest that money in a stock or bond that actually performed, you would have still paid taxes on it. This rock-solid solar "income" is tax-free. If the sun comes up, you're making money.

If commercial power goes up faster than the general inflation rate, you save more money each year because your price is locked-in. Our electricity is mostly fossil-fuel based and it's kept out of the fed's inflation index because it's going up so quickly every year.

Once the big energy companies are in the solar business, their scientists will announce that Global Warming is true and they are "now offering a solar system lease program". They will install your solar system and you'll pay them forever. Right now, they'd rather you thought solar was a fringe technology- because It kills your monthly bill... their nightmare scenario.

Lastly, the worse the energy crunch gets, the more your solar home will
be worth and the happier you will be - to have made that smart
decision many years ago. When you sell, your house has a huge advantage against comps in your area. I literally sold my solar home in 90 minutes without a realtor- for above asking (and retired in my 40's). Any size system gives you similar benefits. The satisfaction it gives you - is beyond value.


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