"If you mention you know how to install solar power
systems at a dinner party, you'll have your first paying
job before dessert comes out"


Everyone is interested, but nobody knows how. The few installers out there charge hefty rates because they are in such demand.

The technology is proven and straight-forward. Anyone who can can handle simple hand tools can do this.

You just need to know how.

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If you've always been interested in solar energy but couldn't get
any "traction" in getting your own system going, this is for you.

Maybe you live in a city and have a little space for a few panels, or you live out in the country and can put up enough panels to power
your entire home (about 15 X 25ft or roof). If you can handle simple tools, you can install your own solar power system. "Grid Tie" systems that connect to the commercial power system - require an electrician to do the final connection to the poles. You can do all the rest! Off-Grid system that are stand-alone can be fully installed by the homeowner. Maybe you have a cabin or want to have emergency backup power for your freezers, PC's or TV/Radio. Off-Grid systems are perfect. You'll be able to install ANY size system after taking this course.

There are so few solar installers out there that the ones that do exist are over-booked and are making "hay while the sun shines". They are can take as much work as they want. Because of that, many are up-charging you on the parts and adding substantial labor costs. The total price could easily scare you off.  Doing it yourself makes huge economic sense and really shortens the investment payback time. This way YOU pocket the full 30% federal kick-back, you can buy the parts directly from the wholesaler- and your labor costs are zero. Your bottom line will be one third of what you'd pay a commercial installer. Makes sense!

The reason I created this course is that Solar Power creates independence. It makes you independent from being hostage to a power company. It also helps our country disconnect from the Mid-East and it's violent insanity. We- each or us- has to do what we can. This is what I can do.

There is a whole lot of partial and mis-information about solar on the internet. It's very unlikely that you could piece-together all the elements and land up building a safe and reliable system from watching YouTube videos.  As well, there are folks selling solar information packages - that are virtually useless. They promise the world and deliver almost nothing. Several popular solar training sites hint that they have a "secret discovery" that will allow you to make free electricity with very little effort. There is simply no such thing. "Making your own solar panels" is also another bad idea. 25 year warranteed commercial panels are actually cheaper to buy already made! For a science project- yes, make a panel. For powering your house reliably, get a great price on weatherproof marine-grade solar panels...and save time, money and headaches.
I'll show you exactly how to do it.

Solar panel prices have dropped dramatically in the last 4 years. This is an excellent time to follow-thorough on building a system for yourself. Large energy companies are making big investments in solar right now. They know that solar is going to be a big part of our future energy landscape. They already have well-defined marketing plans for solar. These include lease programs with a monthly payment from you. With the federal US 30% tax credit still in place, system costs are the lowest they've ever been. Even if panel prices stay low, it's likely that solar tax credits will be one of the things on the fiscal chopping block in the future. This is a good year to make this dream happen. Make your move soon.

Lastly, we are here to support you during your course. You won't find that anywhere outside of a college. If you have questions, just fire-away to askbobquestions@gmail.com I'm happy to Skype with you too. I do this regularly with Students in Africa, India and around the globe.

This course is the real-deal. If you are serious about solar, you are on the right website. Most people buy the hype. Don't get taken by flashy websites. You won't learn enough to really build your system.

In a short time, YOU will be the "Solar Expert" people ask questions to. Knowledge is Power... and in this case- It Really Is!

My dream is to have thousands of systems built as a result of this course. I'm here to make sure yours is one of them! You can do this- I'll make sure.

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