"We were hunter-gatherers of food centuries ago. We had to
develop a sustainable food supply in order to go on
as a species. We are making that same transition today
with our energy supply - and the sooner we make it,
the less painful it is going to be"


You can make a
Solar Trailer -
portable and permanent power you can being anywhere.

Your cabin, an outdoor event, the lake.. and you can never run out of gas.
(like a generator)

Renewable energy is really the only power you can actually "make" at home. (unless you grow a crop, distill alcohol from it and power a alcohol-fired generator)


Questions - FAQ


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Q: Can I afford to go with Solar PV Electric power?

A: Solar panels have dropped in price dramatically in the last few years. Since it is a capital improvement to your structure, you re-coup your entire investment when you sell anyway, so the power is actually free. A $10,000 CD currently gives $30 of interest a year -minus taxes. $10,000 worth of solar panels can generate $1800 in electricity a year, and you get a 30% tax credit when you go solar!
(and commercial power costs go up fast...
which saves you more money every year)

Q: Can I actually install my own system?

A: If you can use small hand tools and electric drill.. and have the skills that would be required to build a dog house or assemble an above-ground pool, you can install a solar power system.
It's simpler than you might imagine.

Q: How long do solar systems last?

A: Solar panels have only been around for about 45 years. The original panels still work! They do reduce in output slightly over many decades, but you can expect to get a 40 year useful life out of them - easily. There are no moving parts.

Q: Aren't they made of dangerous toxic materials?

  A: Solar panels are made from silicon - beach sand. The melted sand has minute amounts of chemicals added to the silicon to
enable it to make electricity from sunlight. There is no danger in handling them and they give off no chemicals of any type. It's like handling a window. They also generate zero CO2.

Q: I've heard that solar power isn't really viable when compared to Oil, Coal and Gas powered electric power stations. Is this true?

A: Since panels have dropped in price substantially, PV solar power is now right on par with the price of Coal-powered electricity. If you were to consider the extra cost of medical care paid for by citizens exposed to Coal's significant exhaust fumes, Solar would
be much cheaper. The main problem that solar power poses is
that it eliminates your monthly electric bill. This is a nightmare scenario for those who set energy prices.

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