"As soon as the energy companies get into the solar
business, they will announce that Global Warming
is a proven fact - and you need to lease a solar power
system from them." Let's hope you have your
own system installed before then!


At some point you have to make a commitment to un-plugging yourself.

The best way to do this is to educate yourself about how it is done.

This year would be
an excellent time to do what you've always wanted to do - build your renewable energy system!

Prices are very low on panels right now.

You really cannot go "off the grid" - without the skills we provide.

It's exciting, a little scary, and really rewarding. All things worth pursuing are
like this. It just makes
sense on a lot of levels.

Soon, you'll be the "solar expert"!

To Order: Was $55 - Now $33


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You have a few options when trying to learn about solar power
installation. You can buy books or watch all the YouTube videos
you can find. Problem is, you'll never be able to put together
the entire picture without learning all the technical concepts first and then seeing it done in the field. University courses cost thousands. Weekend seminars are usually just an "over-view". On-line videos and downloads are done by amateurs and leave out critical information that you'll just have to guess about. If you've already done this, you know. Electricity is serious business. You need a comprehensive course that gives you ALL the tools you'll need to do the job safely and efficiently.

You've just found that course. 

After the first five years in the field, our students gave us feedback and all their suggestions have been incorporated in the new Ver. 3.0 release. I teach solar using this exact course at National Park college. I literally play the chapters and then answer questions.
It's that comprehensive. This course is used in several schools - on several continents.

The second challenge is price. Our Beta testers loved the course
but suggested we charge much more for it ("people won't believe it's so comprehensive if you set the price too low".) Because my goal is to have as many people install solar power systems as possible- I decided to ignore that suggestion. For the price of one circuit-breaker, you can become a Solar Power expert. And - I'm offering complete personal support during your course for this absurdly low price. I want you to be successful ! Email me or Skype me at any time.

The course is on 3 DVD's. It is 16 chapters and over 5 hours in running time. These are professionally mastered DVD's in a hard-shell case. They play on a PC or a DVD player.

I'm also going to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think that this course is a fantastic value, I'll refund your money.
A full year was put into production of this course and it's two revisions. It's the total package. Check out our reviews and order with confidence. We ship immediately. Have a question during the course? Email us any time at: askbobquestions@gmail.com  Know that we are here to support you every step of the way.


I've decided to knock the price down to the bare minimum. Price is $33.00 total. Free shipping in the USA.

Outside the USA it is $42.50 USD




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