"If you mention you know how to install solar power
systems at a dinner party, you'll have your first paying
job before dessert comes out"

I will take you from
zero to sixty in solar
technology with my
16 chapter
off-grid course.

You'd have to attend a university
 to get anything similar to this in
off-grid solar power training.

Who Are We?


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Truthfully, Green Power Videos is me, Bob Nagy.
I created the entire Version 1 course about 5 months. I've just
completed version 3.0 which is even more comprehensive.

I'm a retired engineer who worked at UT Austin, NASA Houston,
ABC News and small start-up tech companies. In the last 5 years,
I've been the teacher in over 45 training videos in the high-tech area. Because of my job experience, I'm good at bringing across technical subjects in terms anyone can understand. This course is used to teach solar installation in universities all over the world.

My goal is to further the use of renewable energy because I believe is it key to our ability to go forward as a species. We were
hunter-gatherers of food thousands of years ago and we had to
transition to developing a sustainable food supply. That's exactly the transition we are making now with our energy supply. We can each do our part - to make that bright future a reality.

I'm proud to help you become competent installer and solar energy expert!

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